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We're proud to say that over the past hundred years or so, the people of the Tug Valley have overcome one adversity after another...from infamous feuding families to deadly labor management disputes in our coalfields, to not one, but four devastating floods, and even a fire that gutted the interior of one of our most beloved landmarks.  Through it all, we have continued to persevere and yes, even flourish.  By protecting our towns with multi-million dollar flood walls, working diligently to improve the quality of life for our miners through advances in safety and technology, we have shown that the folks of the Tug Valley have true grit in our blood and we've got the history to back it up. You just can't keep good people down!

No, the Tug Valley might not have bright lights or big city glamour, but what you'll find here will surpass anything, well...this side of Heaven.  So, whether you choose to call this place home or just a great place to visit, we're certain you'll have the true experience of a lifetime.

“Loved our visit to the Coal House! So much fun and so interesting!”

Carrie- Ontario, Canada


“Best little ore house in West Virginia”

Gwen- Blueridge Country Magazine

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